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He was born in New Jersey but moved to Atlanta, GA at a young age and has been living in the South for 20 years. He was born into the church and the Christian faith has always been a part of his life, although he has experienced many denominations. He served on the worship team and took leadership roles all throughout his youth years. During college, he continued to serve and stay connected with the local Korean church. He felt the calling to serve and raise up the next generation of youth to impact the world for the Gospel. After that, he confirmed his call to ministry while he was doing a missions training school called YWAM DTS.


He is a graduate of Columbia Theological Seminary, where he received his Masters of Divinity (2019). He is the biggest ATL sports fan you will ever meet. You will always see him at any sporting event or watching it with friends. Basketball is his first love, but the beautiful yet frustrating game of golf is starting to enter the picture. You will see he is very loud, goofy and passionate about life. He loves to represent the wonderful city of Atlanta. He also loves an ice cold cup of Arnold Palmer (with sweet tea of course) like a true Southerner would.

Abe Kim (MDiv), Singles & Youth Pastor

email |
phone | 678-458-6890
facebook | AbeKim
instagram | abedjkim

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