The History of 4Pointes

With just a handful of people in an apartment in the Perimeter of Atlanta, 4Pointes Church began with a dream. The dream was and still is to build a church that can reach and bring back home the many Asian American/Third Culture people within the metro-Atlanta area who are not in Christ, not in church, or not in community with the hope and grace filled message of Jesus Christ.

You may be wondering why another church? Especially here in the metro-Atlanta area? This is a very good and legitimate question. We don’t want to have another church simply for the sake of having another church. We believe that there is a tremendous need for a church like ours here in the metro-Atlanta area. We correlate it to the “Goldilocks Phenomenon” (Third Culture). There are many Asian Americans who simply cannot connect at a traditional immigrant church. Whether this is due to past hurt or language or history, whatever it may be, it is simply too difficult. 


Often times, the next step is to attend a mega-church or an “American” church. Generally speaking, though the music and the Sunday message may be phenomenal, they simply cannot connect with the broader community. Perhaps it's because the church is too large or perhaps it's because of cultural differences but the end result is dissatisfaction. Simply put, the immigrant church is “too hard” and the “American” church is “too soft.”

Regrettably, at this point, many people simply give up on church and community or at the very best just “attend” without truly being part of a community.


This is the reason why we started 4Pointes. We want 4Pointes to be that church where those who can’t fit in at an immigrant church or at an “American” church can call their spiritual home…”The Goldilocks Phenomenon.” This is really our way of describing what is called “Third Culture.” The term TC was used to describe children of missionaries. They were “Americans” who lived their formative years in foreign nations. Consequently, they never truly fit into the foreign culture or the culture of America. Though they spoke the foreign tongue and understood the foreign customs, because they were “Americans” they never truly fit into the foreign country. Conversely, though they were “Americans,” because their cultural mindset was that of the foreign country, they never truly fit into America. Why? It is because they were neither the culture of the foreign country or the culture of America. They were altogether a “Third Culture.”

We believe that Asian Americans by default are “Third Culture.” For many of us, though we are Asian, because we grew up and lived in America, we never truly fit in with our mother country. Conversely, though we are “Americans” because we are Asian, we didn’t quite fit into the United States. We are a “Third Culture.” But Third Culture goes beyond being Asian American and beyond ethnicity. It is a mindset of people who simply don’t fit in to a particular culture because of certain life experiences. And this Third Culture experience spills over to our faith and church experience and that is why an immigrant church doesn’t feel quite right but neither does a megachurch/“American” church. 4Pointes exists to be that “Third Culture” community…aka “Goldilocks.”


Therefore, we launched 4Pointes to reach this community with the hope filled message of Jesus Christ and in so doing become a “Spiritual Home” for the spiritually homeless.

Behind the Name "4Pointes" 

The name 4Pointes actually has three layers of meaning.

•  It is our way of describing the Cross of Jesus Christ in referring to the 4 points of the cross.

•  It was our vision to plant 4Pointes where the 4 major highways of the metro-Atlanta intertwined (400, 285, 85, & 75).

•  Finally, in Chinese, the number 4 is associated with death. Therefore, for a church that reaches out to Asian Americans, using the number 4 in our name can be an affront. However, the message that we are trying to deliver is that in Jesus Christ, he redeems everything and turns death into life.