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Community Groups

"regroup in community"

Community Groups are the heart and soul of small groups here at 4Pointes. The primary emphasis of these groups, as it stated in its name, is “community.” It is said that without significant relationships, people will not grow. People may initially be attracted to a group because there exists a common bond, but people only commit and find it to be their home if they find significant relationships. Therefore, Community Groups exist to provide a space where significant relationships and community can be forged and, in so doing, cultivate a place where spiritual formation takes place. 


All Community Groups are geographically grouped and will discuss questions and ideas that will further dive into the previous Sunday’s message. All Community Groups will meet for a season at a time (3 seasons total), which lasts 8 weeks in length. 

Please scroll to the bottom of this page for to sign up for a Community Group.

Meet the Community Group Leaders

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