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Sung-Ae Lim liked to call herself a “Nomad” but now she likes to call herself “5th Culture." She is a Korean who grew up in Hong Kong for the first 13 years of her life. She then moved to New Jersey with her siblings, studying at Pre-College Juilliard, playing piano, even though her passion was for art. Without finishing high-school, she moved to Germany with her younger sister at age 16 to study at Cologne Music College. In the middle of her studies, God called her to the mission field, so she decided to move to Belgium to get her BA at Continental Theological Seminary. She was involved with a variety of different ministries in Belgium, from Refugee, Harbor Ministry, Red Light District Ministry to YWAM/King’s Kids. Her passion for ministry brought her back to the US to study and get her Masters of Divinity at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Chicago. It is here where she met her husband, Peter Lim. God brought two very different people from opposite sides of the world who both shared the heart to plant churches, reaching the “3rd Culture" community.

One of her greatest joys is to share the same vision and call with Peter along with her 2 growing boys, Moses and Micah.

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