We believe that God, from the very beginning, intended for us to live not as islands but to live in community. Even when we examine the first church in Book of Acts (2:42 – 27), we see that the church not only gathered all together for large worship services but equally met regularly in small groups in one another’s home.


Therefore, we here at 4Pointes firmly believe that not only do we need to worship together on Sundays but it is vital for our spiritual formation that we meet together regularly in small groups. In fact, this is where we get the name for our small groups: “EcoGroups.” We believe that the “ecosystem” of a healthy church is a one that meets and gathers for community in small groups.

We hope that you will consider being part of an EcoGroup here at 4Pointes so that through weekly gatherings, where life is shared and the word of God is taught, that you can be sharpened and you can help sharpen others thereby being “Regrouped in Community.”

At 4Pointes we have three EcoGroup semesters (Winter, Spring, and Fall) and each semester is 10-weeks length. Our EcoGroups are currently grouped geographically. We hope to have groups in and throughout Metro Atlanta. 

If you are interested in getting plugged in with an EcoGroup, please fill out the information below and we will get you in connected with an EcoGroup leader.

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