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M28 Groups

"regroup in community"

M28 gets its name from “The Great Commission” that we find in Matthew 28 where Jesus declares, “Go and make disciples of all nations.” We believe that this is a call for everyone who is a follower of Jesus and thus our ultimate hope is that everyone at 4Pointes enters into intentional discipling relationships where one is able to raise and equip disciples of Jesus Christ who can in kind lead and raise future disciples of Jesus Christ.

In order for a true discipleship relationship to take place, an arbitrary timetable cannot be placed on it. Rather, we believe it to be a Spirit led journey between the discipler and the disciple that will endure until the time when the disciple is ready to disciple others. Our vision for this discipling relationship is that the disciple will be able to recharge in Christ and regroup in this discipleship relationship so that they will be fully equipped to return to their call as disciple makers.

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