January 14, 2018

Thank you to everyone who has joined us in this journey of 2018. We are excited to share with you the vision that God has placed upon our community. This Sunday we will begin exploring and start the conversation of unpacking this idea of "Shalom." 

We will be calling this Sunday our "Shalom Service". There will be a change in the format of our gathering to help this dialogue and experience. Here are some things to expect for this Sunday.

  • The seating will be set up in 7 chair "pods." Each pod will have one moderator present to welcome you as the service begins. Please try o fill up the pods up front first, so that we can make room for anyone who may enter in later. 

  • We will begin our service as we always do, with our worship team leading us in song and prayers. We will then enter into a time of unpacking this vision for 2018 with a word from Pastor Peter, as well as a discussion within your "pod" 

  • We will conclude our time with participating in communion as well as responding with worship. 

Please feel free to invite your friends and family or anyone else looking for a church community, as we begin this journey of unpacking "Shalom" this year. We look forward to seeing everyone!