Our Vision

A Spiritual Home for the spiritually homeless

Our Mission

To build a Spiritual Home where people can Recharge in Christ, Regroup in Community, and Return to their Call as Christ’s Ambassadors.

Our Values

Everyone is an artist. From the setting of chairs to the leading of praise, art is the display of intentional workmanship. Whether things are done seen or unseen, all things are done with excellence.


We value journeying with people through different seasons of life to lead them into maturity so that they may lead others into maturity. We believe this journey is for everyone.

Holistic Generosity
Knowing that God has been so abundant it frees us to be generous to Him with our time, talent, and treasure. Knowing that God has been so gracious it frees us to be generous to people with our words, attitudes, and actions.

Intergenerational Church
We believe in a church where all our generations intentionally interact with one another and invest in each other to bring upon maturity. This is reflected in all areas of our church’s life, including corporate worship.